Hot drinks


Espresso Shot



Espresso Shot + Hot water


Flat white

Espresso Shot + Steamed Milk



Espresso Shot + steamed milk and foamed milk


Latte coffee (hot or cold)

Espresso Shot + steamed milk and foamed milk (Order it in Classic, Nutella, Cajeta or Horchata)



Espresso Shot + Liquid Chocolate and Steamed Milk (With or without whipped cream)


Rabbit latte

Espresso shot + frothed milk and a chocolate bunny


Artisan methods

Turkish coffee

Decoction extraction method with Cezve



Immersion and pressurization extraction method


French Press

Immersion extraction method



Drip extraction method



Drip extraction method (2 cups)


Japanese cold brew

Drip extraction method with V60 on ice


Cold drinks

Cold Brew

Cold extraction method by immersion for 24 hrs


latte Cold brew

Cold brew prepared with foamed milk (order it in traditional Latte or Horchata Latte)


Horchata latte

Espresso Shot + horchata


Moka iced coffee

Preparation of cold Moka (With or without whipped cream)


Espresso tonic

Espresso Shot + Soda


Liqueur cream

Prepared with evaporated milk, espresso shot and homemade coffee liqueur


Special drinks

Artisan chocolate

Homemade chocolate with water or milk


Golden milk

Coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom sweetened with honey.


Matcha latte

Green tea leaves ground in their traditional flavor + frothed milk.


Coldbrew tea

Cold brew prepared (order it in Japanese tea or blueberry tea)


Tascalate Latte

Chiapas mix based on corn, cocoa, cinnamon and achiote.



Espresso Shot and frappé, with or without whipped cream (Order it in Horchata, Oreo, Nutella, Cajeta or Moka)